I’m Not Even Sorry Book Haul
yes, another one… Like I said, not even sorry.
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Hello, marvelous creatures. This is the big news we were waiting on announcing today—I’m going on my first solo tour. YOU WILL BE INUNDATED WITH LEIGH. Please make all due preparations.
We’ll have new swag and goodies, Halloween hijinx, AND AND AND at each of these tour stops, I’ll be reading from my new book, The Dregs. 
I’m a bit nervous and quite excited to be out on my own so I hope you’ll help spread the word.
Andddddd… since some of you are far away from these stops, I’m going to release a teeny tiny (and I do mean tiny) Dregs excerpt tomorrow. Cuz I want to.
*One last thing: I want to say a special thank you to the readers and booksellers at Books and Books, Octavia Books, and Book People (who I will be visiting in Austin early next year), the winners of the Ruin and Rising promotion we ran back in May and June. VIVA LA BOOK PUSHER!!

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